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We are a team of professionals with decades of experience, delivering results at the highest level within industry

Michael R. Scotch

Severne Snow has a broad range of capability in the marine and energy industries. Strategy Development | General Management Consulting | Technical Consulting | Ship Management | Major Projects | Emissions Abatement | Technology Development | Strategic Consulting | Shipping | Marine Consulting  | Oil and Energy Consulting


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 Severne Snow has a broad range of capability in the marine and energy industries. Nick’s service as a commissioned officer in the Royal Navy and his subsequent civilian career has generated a most valuable skill set.  His strategic understanding is first class and he is able to grasp the significance of the corporate and human issues which sap the impetus from even the most logical of projects.  His blend of “front-line” experience and boardroom credibility enables him to deliver real change.


The Energy Crux


Organisations are embracing the new landscape created by the sustainability agenda and the associated flood of customer demands and supporting legislation.  Inevitably, the response to changing internal and external requirements has been reactive: a plethora of initiatives are underway.  New products, new capabilities and new organisations have evolved to satisfy this demand.  Whether renewable or not, energy remains a major cost and reducing this is critical.


The strength of The Energy Crux is its basis in real operations and detail. Specific insights into the organisation are gained from the assessment of 60+ sub-dimensions of Consumption, Compliance, Sourcing and Risk Management (RM). These cover Refined Products, Electricity, Natural Gas and Carbon and utilise “Stages of Excellence” drawn from our deep sector expertise


Let Severne Snow help you to hone a strategic response to the compliance, consumption, sourcing  and risk management of energy. With extensive knowledge  in a variety of industries, we can ensure that we identify target areas for action to deliver quantifiable benefits in short, medium and long term action plans.

Major Projects

Successful projects have many common characteristics, they are all the result of a sound strategic rationale, which has been communicated to and by the executive effectively. They are founded on a sound business case, which has been constructed to minimise risk and maximise opportunity. Good projects need:


• Clear objectives

• Picking the right teams

• Communicating the plan

• Specifying outputs

• Procurement excellence and cost control

• Monitoring progress

• Flexibility in responding to change and unforeseen challenges


The chart above illustrates, in simplified terms the functions performed by Severne Snow in a major capex project for a ferry

  • defining the System Requirement covering appropriate legislative compliance assurance with individual ship applicability
  • working with the Technology Provider and Naval Architect to develop a deliverable system and installation design
  • assessment of the technical offerings and viability/applicability to the individual operator
  • Liaison with Classification Society to ensure the approval of the Installation Design and the compliance of the system



Severne Snow has the capability to identify both the strategic and functional blockers in projects and generate and maintain momentum.


Ship Management

  • Availability – The objective of technical management is the availability of the asset(s) to perform the required trade
  • In order to be available, asset(s) must be Technically Operational and Legislatively Compliant
  • In order to achieve these imperatives, the technical management function must be effective in providing a Technical Centre of Excellence as well as strength in Procurement and Contract Management
  • The technical management team will be required to procure from and manage contracts with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), Classification Societies, Shipyards and Sub-contractors
  • These contracts will manage and procure both Equipment and Services
  • Equipment and Services will be delivered in periodic Drydock, Voyage Repairs, Refurbishments and Critical Defect rectifications

Severne Snow provides industry leading expertise and resources to assist shipowners in performing the functions of Technical Management allowing organisations to focus on the utilisation of asset(s) to maximise profit

Technology Development



  • Over the next 20 years demand for electricity is set to increase in the UK with the mass adoption of electric vehicles
  • The grid will not be able to supply this extra demand in peak periods without significant investment in both generating and LV grid capacity

A combination of three responses are likely:

  • Investment in capacity
  • V2G
  • Demand management – which could, if adopted widely and quickly enough, negate the need to invest in capacity


"The overriding question: Can we get a defensible piece of IP/C which gives us leverage in demand management?"